you don't have flash.

Now, when I say that (that you don't have flash), I don't necessarily mean to imply you aren't flash, yourself.
The movie you are about to watch requires the flash plug-in, from macromedia. It also requires the you have a sound card.
Past that, all else being equal and in working order, you should be quite ready for borderequalszeroagain, a sequel in some sense, a redundancy in another sense, not, in any sense, a lease form, and, finally, with some sense, a moving tribute to a fine actor.


It's a story of pathos, and his brother, jimmy, two brothers, two of 'em, in a world that rejects their mutual love of a boy named sue.
In a cold, cruel world that occassionally doesn't have enough toilet paper when you need it the most. Or has too much of it when you'd really rather not see another sheet. Or, on those rare days, has seen fit to deposit a load of wet toilet paper all over the trees on your front lawn in the middle of the night.It's really a quite beautiful story.
And it doesn't involve one wombat, not a one.
Ok, so it involves one, but it's a small one.
Though, granted, it does start a fight amongst the credits.
--excerpt from the "borderequalszeroagain:the movie" press release.

some of you may have noticed a persistence in that
negative flash. even while viewing the aforementioned
flash movie. this little delightful error serves as a
reminder that is both post-(modern/mortem) and
something else which I seem to have forgotten at the

You may now resume regular viewing.