FIONA GILES was born and raised in Australia and holds a Ph.D from Oxford University in literature. She has lectured in literary studies, edited award-winning collections of women's writing, and written a book-length study of 19th century women's romance, the subject of her doctorate. She presently lives in New York City with her husband and son.

When asked where she got the idea for Dick For A Day she states, "I've called myself a feminist since the age of fourteen, but I've always adored men and men's bodies and persist in showing an unhealthy interest in their dilemmas. I've always had a horror of separatism and Dick For A Day is the ultimate integrationist gesture."

YAEL KANAREK was born in 1967, in New York and raised in Israel. She is an artist and web designer who has been exhibiting internationally. In the last two years she has been busy travelling in her multi-disciplinary project, Love Letters From The World Of Awe. Kanarek is also the lead designer of the Dick For a Day website and the music sites Peeps and Bug Juice. She has been living in New York for the past 6 years.

POPPY Z. BRITE was born on May 25, 1967, in New Orleans. She has published three novels, Lost souls, Drawing Blood, and Exquisite Corpse. Her short stories and articles have appeared in numerous markets including Rage, Spin, Spy, and The Village Voice; some of them are collected in Wormwood (also published as Swamp Foetus). She is the editor of the anthologies Love In Vein 1 and 2. Her most recent project is the biography Courtney Love: The Real Story,.to be published by Simon and Schuster in November 1997. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Christopher, a chef and food writer. For more information and pictures, readers can visit Poppy's official website, Pandora Station.

LYN LIFSHIN has published many collections of poems, including Black Apples, Kiss the Skin Off, Blue Tattoo and Marilyn Monroe. She has edited four anthologies of women's writing, and publishes widely in magazines, from Rolling Stone and Ms to American Scholar and Chicago Review. She is the subject of a documentary film, Not Made of Glass. Her most recent poetry collection is Cold Comfort, published by Black Sparrow.

CRAIG M. KANARICK is a digital media designer, international terrorist, and general pain in the ass. his latest work can be found at Razorfish

REBECCA ODES, glamrockcyberbabe, is a co-founder of gURL, an honest website for teenage girls.

AMY JENKINS' fine-art video installations, drawings and photography explore the notions of privacy, desire, humor and pain inherent in sexuality. She is a Brooklyn-based artist and has been exhibited and published internationally. A review of Amy Jenkins' recent exhibition at Anna Kustera Gallery, NY, can be found at Artwurl

SHELLY MCGUINESS is a New York-based installation artist. Currently, she is residing in Paris.

KERRY GREENWOOD is an Australian novelist and lawyer who lives with a registered wizard and five cats. She is best known for her Phryne Fisher detective novels, including Death by Misadventure and Flying Too High (Penguin), and the Delphic Women books set in Ancient Greece, including Cassandra and Electra (Reed). She is currently working on her ninth Phryne Fisher novel, The Eastern Market Murder; a book of essays on female murderers called The Thing She Loves; and the third in her Delphic Women series, Medea.

Dorothy Porter is an award-winning poet, writer of adolescent fiction, and song writer. Author of eight books, her most recent is The Monkey's Mask (Arcade), a lesbian detective romance novel in verse. She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she is working on a new verse novel.