The F.I.R.E. Collection

Stamps are printed in full color on gummed paper and packaged in glassine envelopes.

The Stamps

Elvis Deluxe, Mike Tyson, Amy Fisher, Tonya Harding, James Brown, Michael Jackson (Koons), Abbie Hoffman, Charles Bukovski (Poet-Postal Worker), Jack Kevorkian, Robert Johnson and Ray Johnson (Waterproof Issue)

Waco, World Trade Center Bombing, L.A. (Hell of a Town), Tragic Kingdom, Friendly Fire #1, Friendly Fire #2 (NYC Subway), Pensacola (Pro-Life Murder Site), Guns For Toys (Christmas Issue), White Ford Bronco/DNA

Kill/Hate (set of 2), Love (set of 2), Guns, War, Homelessness in America, Capital Punishment, First Amendment, Alzheimer's Disease, A-Bomb


Please add $2 for shipping and handling.

6 stamps (6 of a kind or random mix): $5

35 stamps (almost complete collection): $30

Rare items: Full sheets (8" x 11", all one stamp): $95

Rare items: Ray Johnson Waterproof Issue, $5 each

Send checks or money orders to:


270 E. 10th Street
Suite 53
New York, NY 10009

Also available at:
St. Marks Bookstore
31 3rd Avenue
New York City