Attention all units:
There is new evidence that
The Manipulator has infil-
trated the Human Genome
Project and that she is at
large and *ACTIVE* once
again. Report all findings.
She is to be considered
armed and dangerous. The
DNA Gallery requires the
shockwave flash2 plugin.
If you don't got it, get

Jill THE
*Greenberg* is at
large and *dangerous.
It is up to *you* to ex-
amine the *EVIDENCE (see
exhibits 12345). If you are
searching for a *particular*
clue, check the *MUG SHOTS.
*For more information about
*Greenberg*, read the RAP
SHEET. Please report all
findings as an *EYEWIT-
NESS. *Listen* to the
alibi of DJ SPOOKY.
Alright people, be
careful out

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