Complicity (October, 1998)
Stephen Turbek

Trackball 101 (September, 1998)
Henry Min

The Cable Company (September, 1998)
Elisha Sessions*

dVenger (August, 1998)
David Friedman

Reversi (July, 1998)
Steve Renaker

Charming One Bedroom (June, 1998)
David Crawford*

35mm SLR (June, 1998)
Steve Renaker

Borderequalszeroagain (June, 1998)
Matt Hanlon

***Declassified***: Sequence of Major Events (rev. June, 1998)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration JPL
avsi r.i.p
Borderequalsjustaboutzero (April, 1998)
Text and other stuff by Matt Hanlon, photos by Steve Schneider, hair by Pert


*This piece was created by a guest contributor. Borderequalszero considers guest contributions. Please contact

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